Apart from commissioned work and our own projects, Jamun provides production services to film crews, both Indian and international, for a range of projects, be it television, commercials, photo stills, online videos, and films. We provide logistical support at all stages of production including location scouting, hiring crew and equipment, and casting. We also provide post-production solutions, such as editing, grading, mixing, packaging and sound design.

Having had an opportunity to work closely with the top international crews over the past 12 years and work experience in London and New York, we at Jamun have developed our own understanding of what it takes to make the process of filming in India as clean and hassle free as possible.

We pride ourselves on a hybrid model: that borrows heavily from the processes and systems of International film production and adapts itself to the reality of filming in India.

We believe a rigorous, deadline driven pre production is crucial to smooth production and post production that needs to align to serve a single creative vision. We are a land of fantastic stories and storytellers who need support to tell their stories without compromise.

Jamun’s crews are smaller, lighter and trained to be efficient and detail oriented. Our priority is to set up a crew to serve the project in the best possible way, and keep the size of the team and budget spends manageable. Jamun has been able develop detailed systems and processes by which prep, production and post are streamlined to meet deadlines and budgets while never compromising on creative output.